In the Flow of Giving & Receiving -MKMMA Week 11

(There’s a solid chance I’ll go back and revise this post this weekend by adding on to it, just needed to get something posted Friday night.)

Last week I was reading my index cards with the laws of giving and receiving. This thought hit me- maybe I am not receiving in many ways I could be if I became more intentional and aware and allowed myself to receive.

Many months back- many- I won a giveaway my friend Jess did for an hour long Reiki massage! ๐Ÿ˜ And even longer ago, August 2016, I was gifted an hour long massage to my friend Sam’s practice, by my thoughtful and awesome BNI Chapter.

And I hadn’t made myself a priority to receive those wonderful and much-needed gifts!!

I made my appointment with Jess for this past Tuesday. It was SO CATHARTIC and FREEING! Big progress and some shifts and breakthroughs for me, letting go of stuff that does NOT serve me or my family, and making room for the GOOD STUFF that I have been working on linking and connecting and visualizing to have be in our life.

Huge thanks to my folks too, for hosting my two youngest so I could focus solely on being present for myself.

I am breathing more freely and deeper now than I have in a long time.


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