…Strain Your Potential Until it Cries For Mercy …

I love this quote. Had to share it. ❤️🙌🏼🌟


(Week 16- MKMMA) What you are looking for you will find! An exercise in seeing Kindnesses in every day.

This week, one of our tasks was to notice kindnesses as well as give kindnesses every day. We were also instructed to share those with our “classmates” in a masterminding forum dedicated solely to sharing these acts of kindness. Last I checked, we were well over 4000!! 4000 ways people went out of their way to be kind to those they crossed paths with or ways they received kindness. Giving & receiving, the ebb & flow.

This week, I felt like I was more on the receiving end. I am so grateful for all the kindnesses shown to me and for the kindnesses I observed. Everything from D cleaning up a water spill that C made, cheerfully and quickly without any thought to the fact that it “wasn’t his mess”, to T making us dinner tonight, to the manager at the kids play area we visited on Wednesday being friendly and seeing if we needed anything. I 100% loved reading all the creative ways people chose to be anonymously kind and give a little something extra to complete strangers. The more I intentionally sought to notice and recognize kindness in many forms, the more I saw, and the easier it became as the week went on. I am excited to continue finding ways to show kindness and receive kindness offered in the coming days & weeks.

“…a river, not a reservoir…”

“It is a law of nature that you cannot reap without sowing. That’s why it’s so important to give first, before you expect to receive. The compounding, positive result of practicing this principle for many years has now given me an immeasurable return on my investment into people’s lives. People are not only making a difference, but they are also investing in others who are making a difference. I’m seeing season after season of harvest in the lives of others.

This give and take is natural, like breathing. You take in air; you blow it out. You can never just breathe in. Nor can you just breathe out. Both are continually essential. Likewise, we give to others and receive from them. Our lives are to be like a river, not a reservoir.

What we have should flow through us to others. The moment the good things we have to offer begin flowing from ourselves to others, the miracle of intentional significance begins to happen. The more we share, the more we have. The more we have, the more we can give. We don’t hand out significance in little doses over time. We unleash it. That’s how we build a life that matters.” –John C. Maxwell

Don’t Dig Up in Doubt What You Planted in Faith (Week 15 MKMMA)

It been a very intense, fast paced, full few weeks at home, with our extra cold weather, and the holidays.

The last 2 weeks of posts, if I’m honest with myself, were less than satisfying to write. It’s what I had the time/energy resources to simply crank out, a last minute summary of how things were going. Highlights from the course I’d been chewing on. Requirement met. But not nearly as fulfilling and enjoyable to write as those posts in previous weeks that have practically written themselves.

It was a lovely break from school, filled with visits with family, baking projects, lazy pajama days, time playing outside when it wasn’t crazy cold, T getting called in to work a “fair amount”, craft projects, days when the 3 littles had major cabin fever, adjusted nap & bedtime schedules, more dishes & laundry than usual, a trip to the local North Pole, fun movies at home, a lot of illness 😦 towards the end, and a couple home improvement projects.

With the days as full as they were, I had to rely heavily on routine & habits established during the first 14 weeks of MKE to carry me through.

I started gaining more clarity around my DMP and PPNs, somewhat through process of elimination, and somewhat through conversations with other people, and finding inspiration from them.

The Flash Cards have been life savers! They are easy and fast to fit in throughout the day in tiny increments of opportunity, yet the continuity in linking they offer is profound.

The areas I fell behind (like the weekly service, for instance) instead of dwelling on that, I let it go and picked up again when I could rather than beating myself up over it or trying to play “catch up” & giving into overwhelm. I had the a-ha that the service I had chosen for 11/19 was too complex and a “bigger bite” than I really should have committed to, so I’m breaking it down into realistic pieces for success! So freeing!!

Also- my dad gifted both D and A really cool magnifying glasses and A a compass! To my knowledge, he isn’t aware the significance that both of those items have to me relating to MKE. When the kids opened their gifts, my jaw dropped. Integrated reminders and connections that I had no active part in!

I also won a drawing for Blue Tansy essential oil on a friend of mine’s Facebook group. I was not familiar with Blue Tansy at all. Reading this page though, I felt a very tangible buzzing sensation course through my entire body! So exciting! My friend even said she prayed before doing each drawing that God would connect the right person with the oil being drawn for.

This course, the people I’ve connected with through it, the mindset shifts happening…have all been life changing and incredible. I can feel the shift on a daily basis. The change in me is changing my relationships as well, for the better. When I find myself slipping and identify old blueprint type reactions happening, it is easier for me to more quickly identify and “re route”.

Has it been easy so far? No

Has it been worth it? Resoundingly YES!

I’m looking forward to 2018 and 40, and all the good that will be happening between now and December!

Week 14- MKMMA – Continuing to create NEW neuropathways

Often it’s so easy, so tempting, to slip back into old patterns without even realizing it. Diligent effort to stick with the NEW way of thinking, responding, and how we speak to OURSELVES and to OTHERS is key in staying on track. The good news is, even when you get off course, the heightened level of awareness allows you to correct and move forward, so long as you don’t get hung up on the mistakes.

It has been a very lovely Christmas break here, overall! And there have been amazing “reminders” everywhere for my subconscious to stay the course. Including that my dad gifted 2 of my children magnifying glasses and a compass! Two items that have been tangible reminders of the course work journey.

How about that!

In the Flow- Part 2! (Week 12 MKMMA)

This week continued to demonstrate to me some amazing examples of the law of giving and receiving.

I am continuing to make progress on decluttering and clearing out items we no longer use or need. One of the things that has slowed my progress in the past is the desire to sell them vs just give them away.

This week I found new homes for a high chair, baby walker, sleep sack, tiny shoes, and a Christmas tree. People that could use those specific items!

We also shared pumpkin pie with a dear friend whose dog passed (D’s idea) and loaned some winter & baby gear to visiting family!

We were given a pair of snow pants and they were hand delivered (filled a need!), a Christmas plate of cookies by a random fellow (regular) customer at Kwik Trip, major assistance juggling purchases and children at said Kwik Trip, and the time freedom to surprise A at school and help her build her gingerbread house 💗. I received customer orders this week for my business. Wisconsin got its first real snowfall this week and I had a chance to play outside with the boys in it. We spent time with Grandma & Papa this week for a fun quick visit. I am celebrating my 39th birthday today, with my family, including lunch out. I’m grateful for another year of life. My best friend of 18 years sent me gerbera daisies …my favorite flower…a birthday surprise… though she’s on the east coast we are still so close in spirit.

I continue to remember that people and places I am giving to will likely not be the same places I am receiving from, and that’s ok! See a need, fill it, and trust that my needs will also be met.

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