“…a river, not a reservoir…”

“It is a law of nature that you cannot reap without sowing. That’s why it’s so important to give first, before you expect to receive. The compounding, positive result of practicing this principle for many years has now given me an immeasurable return on my investment into people’s lives. People are not only making a difference, but they are also investing in others who are making a difference. I’m seeing season after season of harvest in the lives of others.

This give and take is natural, like breathing. You take in air; you blow it out. You can never just breathe in. Nor can you just breathe out. Both are continually essential. Likewise, we give to others and receive from them. Our lives are to be like a river, not a reservoir.

What we have should flow through us to others. The moment the good things we have to offer begin flowing from ourselves to others, the miracle of intentional significance begins to happen. The more we share, the more we have. The more we have, the more we can give. We don’t hand out significance in little doses over time. We unleash it. That’s how we build a life that matters.” –John C. Maxwell


Motives Color Correction Quad- Holiday Must-Have!

As a full time mom to 3 littles, a homemaker, an internet entrepreneur, and a family engagement liaison for our school district, this season in my life is busy (in a productive, valuable way, not busy for the sake of being busy). The sleep deficit over here is for real. When I saw that Motives was releasing this Quad last year I was SO EXCITED. I have used it often over the course of this year- it really gets the job done. The idea is that instead of using only a concealer that closely matches your skin tone to cover up dark circles, blemishes, etc, you can rely on color theory to help correct those things. There is also a guide available, so you know which color to use as your solution. For example, I use peach and yellow often to counteract the purple/dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep.

Sometimes it’s not a blemish or lack of sleep- I love these two examples. The first is an example of someone who had a broken nose.

The second, a bride who had a curling iron burn!

The Quad also works great to conceal tattoos whether for work or a special event, etc. In the pic above, the make up artist was able to conceal a tattoo on the bride’s forearm.

I love how concentrated and highly pigmented these are. A little bit goes a long way. I like to use a damp blender sponge to apply and press into my skin, dabbing vs back & forth.

So whether you’re a busy mom or grandma of littles, a hardworking exec, a carefree fun loving 20-something with a line up of holiday parties, makeup junkie, or someone who just loves having that ace up their sleeve to look their best on days when they need a little boost- this is it. Best secret ever. 😍

Solutions for Soothing Winter Skin-Product Spotlight. 

A couple months after my now 4 year old son was born, he started experiencing major dry skin and the accompanying symptoms- irritation, inflammation, itchiness, redness, rawness so bad it was weeping. He would start scratching in his sleep, and when he’d wake up crying I’d go in to check on him and find him just bloody. My heart ached for him. 

He was EBF, so at that age had had zero solid food and zero formula. I tried adjusting my diet, eliminating common triggers. So much of our skin’s health is dependent on our gut health. The majority of skin conditions can be causally linked back to gut health.  And most of the immune system is located in the gut. We saw a dermatologist. He prescribed a steroid cream. His pediatrician suggested a well known moisture barrier cream.  I felt like I was spinning my wheels. Neither of these options addressed the gut nor did they promote actual healing.

 I started him on a favorite infant powder probiotic by DNA Miracles. I mixed it with just a tiny amount of Ultimate Aloe juice and some breast milk and gave it via syringe, daily. 
That helped us regain some ground, so that his whole cheek was no longer raw and open (to the point that I was very concerned about potential infection). We still had a long ways to go though, to reach healthy skin. The pictures below- this was hardly even the worst…it had already started to clear up from the internal efforts. My poor little guy!!😭

I decided to order a just released product, the DNA Miracles Soothing Ointment, to see if that would help us.  I knew it was only a topical remedy, but figured it would be great to address his condition inside and outside.  I knew that to reach a more long term result we couldn’t only do one or the other. It needed to be comprehensive. 

The pictures below were taken within that same week…I know they don’t show “after” of his torso, but we did see the same significant improvement on his torso as well. He started sleeping better and I could tell he was a lot less uncomfortable ’round the clock! 🎉 He still had flare ups that first year, but so much less severe or frequent. I knew I could catch them early on, too,  and be very proactive with those go-to products for successful relief.

We also made sure we were using a free & clear detergent. I love this one by SNAP.
This set of home solutions products wasn’t out 4 years ago, but these days they are my favorite! They are a terrific kid-safe, eco-friendly, budget-conscious option! (4 bottles and the equivalent of 16 bottles of cleaner!) 

The Soothing Ointment I used on baby D in February 2014, I still use on all my kids now, AND on myself. It also works great on chapped lips, and I’ve used it to help with minor cuts/scrapes/burns/bug bites. 

As my kids have gotten older, I’ve added the DNA Miracles OPC-3 into the mix too. It’s anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, and antioxidant properties for cellular & immune health make it part of our front line of defense. 

For your winter skin woes, I can’t recommend this highly enough! ❤️❤️❤️

On Motherhood- written May 2016

I wrote this as an entry for a giveaway on IG in May 2016.  One of my favorite kids’ brands, DNA Miracles, (one I broker on my shopping site) was hosting a Mother’s Day giveaway. On a whim I decided to write something. To meet the deadline I ended up writing this on my phone, in the dark, during an extended bedtime effort with my now almost 4 year old. (Tomorrow y’all! D turns 4 tomorrow!!!) He was just not giving up that night and *really* wanted company. So there I sat, and this is what resulted. 

On Motherhood

For me, motherhood is a journey every day, every moment, of being stretched and grown and shaped well beyond the bounds of any sort of comfort zone or idea of what I imagined possible. 

The growth and discipline of becoming stronger began with pregnancy for me, as I was no longer only taking care of myself but a life inside me.

Labor & delivery were the next milestones to reveal to me a stronger person inside, giving me confidence and helping to equip me to persevere when going through challenges. 

If you let it, motherhood makes you a better person; if you fight it, it highlights in no uncertain terms “areas of growth needed”.  

What seems hard one day, or even impossible, I can look back days or years later and think “oh, I can do that now.” Or “that’s not as hard as it used to be.” And other days “nope- that’s still hard, lol.”  

Every day is a new chance to develop & strengthen my “mama muscles”, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 

Ironically, the traits or behaviors in my children I find most challenging are often traits/behaviors I possess, that need work.

I want them to honor their emotions, and the emotions of others, as signposts of what’s going on, to work through and to come out on the other side stronger and healthier. 

I also see parallels in the way I need my babies to trust me to care for them, feed them, help them, even when they don’t see that I am working on providing what they need next, and how I need to trust God daily to provide for me, even when I can’t see what’s coming next or what the Big Plan is. 

I am humbled by how quickly my kids forgive me when I am wrong or when I lose my patience/temper with them and have to ask their forgiveness. 

I am delighted to see the things in life and in nature that bring them so much joy & wonder.  

They make me laugh every day, sometimes when I should be keeping a straight face to enforce boundaries/consequences.

I am awed at how fast they are growing, and at what unique little humans they are showing themselves to be. They both have areas of gift, and areas of challenge. And different ways of addressing those challenges to overcome. 

The days are long but the years are short, as the saying goes. Some days I *long* for bedtime only to miss them like crazy once they are asleep. 

I am so thankful for my mom, for the example she has given me (growing up and now as an adult with kids of my own). Without her support and her leading by example I know my own journey would be much more difficult and have an even steeper learning curve. 

With #3 due in August, one of the biggest lessons I’m still learning is the value of self care. You can’t pour into others from an empty cup. I want my kids to see & know the importance of taking care of themselves so that they can continue to love on and serve others daily. My goal is to lead by example.  #dnaMothersDayGiveaway”

Motives Iconic Palette 

I am SO EXCITED about the new palette about to be released within the next several days!! This palette is expected to SELL OUT. 
Iconic, by Motives by Loren Ridinger!

This is a gamechanger, ladies! Especially with the holidays coming up!! If you want one, a pre-order is the way to go- just give me a heads up! 

The space saving accordion style packaging includes: 

💋8 Eye Shadows

💋1 Bronzer

💋1 Blush 

💋4 Lip Glosses

Created exclusively for and by Loren Ridinger – one the the most Iconic Fashion and Beauty Influencers of our time! 

With highly pigmented shades named:

👉🏻Star Power



👉🏻Idol…just to name a few!

You’ll feel immediately ICONIC! 😁😉

This simplifies your makeup bag and amplifies your beauty in one simple clutch accessory!!  These beautiful shades are perfect for all skin tones. 👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿💗

To check out other amazing Motives offerings, go to http://www.MotivesBeautySolutions.com

Thank you for supporting my business. ❤️

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