(Week 23 MKMMA)

Still feeling swamped, but this the first week in over a month I felt like there was some routine back in place with all the ins & outs of daily life.

I am choosing to focus on growth & progress, and celebrating those victories.

I can’t wait to start writing longer actual posts again soon.


Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye-(Week 21 MKMMA)

What am I pretending not to know?

What would the person I intend to become do next?

What are 5 concrete examples of actions steps I could take to leave my comfort zone? In my relationships, in my business, and in personal growth

What am I waiting for?

Why won’t I finish (drafting!) my DMP!?

These are all examples of the questions that have been going through my mind this week.

I just about typed “it’s been a challenging week…” and then I started laughing.

(It’s 11:14pm on Friday night.  I’m sitting at my dining room table, with my laptop out. Everyone is FINALLY asleep, knock on wood. And I am trying to get my blog post out for the week.  I’ve been writing it in my head for a few days now.)

Who am I kidding, in theory I guess I could say that about every week…there’s a mindset switch that needs to happen surrounding that sentence, RIGHT HERE and NOW. I don’t think I could honestly say I remember a week that HASN’T been challenging, for several if not many years.  As in “gosh, this was a pretty easy laid back week.” HAHAHA

Ok- so on that note. I think my approach needs to be expecting and ACCEPTING and EMBRACING whatever variety of challenges come up any given day or week. Just plan on it, and plan to hunt for and discover the growth opportunities, like a TREASURE HUNT.

This week: A got tummy/fever sick Sunday night, and stayed home both Monday and Tuesday because she had to. D’s Monday afternoon class got cancelled due to inclement weather. A wanted to stay home Wednesday morning – I think she was still just feeling a bit beat from her illness though technically she could attend. By 9:30am though, she would not stop asking to go to school, so I took her around 11:15 so she could have lunch with her friends and finish her school day. D had his usual Wednesday afternoon class. Thursday and Friday were already scheduled days off for A for the whole school.  What does this mean? It means that the little chunks of time I might normally be able to squirrel away with only the two boys home,  or the time D is in school when I only have C (and sometimes C naps), were non-existent.  I could feel my frustration and negativity building as the length of my to-do list grew and the opportunities to cross those items off disappeared.

Also, my sweet feline sidekick of almost 12 years started acting funny on Monday around dinner time, and following my gut I got her into the vet on Tuesday morning, accompanied by 3 helpers. Unfortunately, the general exam & and xray revealed an abdominal mass approximately 2″ in diameter on her right side, slightly displacing some organs. She is super furry/fluffy, and that fluff had disguised how distended her poor belly had become. We don’t have a for sure diagnosis at this point, just some possibilities. I am heartbroken.

So, all that might not seem like much, but it was enough of a detour from our routine that it really threw me for a loop.

I am so grateful for my father.  He surprised me on Tuesday by showing up with subs and parfaits for lunch about an hour after we got back home from the vet. While we waited for him, the kids & I put in some serious playdough creation time!

Grampa also came bearing interesting pamphlets and info on community activities & events to show the kiddos. And my mom’s bottle of OPC-3 to share some until my order arrives. The kids were so happy to see Grampa.  Today I got both a text and an email from him asking if he could come down and spend some time with me and the kids, go on a bit of an adventure.  I replied that yes indeed that sounded lovely and also I could really use to grab a shower.  🤣 We skipped part of the adventure in favor of C getting his first decent morning nap all week long (Praise God!) and we went out for lunch instead. I got to see a dear friend of mine, who I haven’t seen in far too long.  I was able to fly through a handful of items on my list that were time sensitive to this week and that required me to apply some critical thinking skills to complete while Grampa played with the kiddos. I got my shower in.

I connected with our mail delivery person. Her name is Colleen, and I know specifically how I can help her with her job over the next 2 weeks.

I followed up with a few potential clients that I am confident that I can help with some of the products I broker, and even if they choose not to become clients, I know I am adding value to their lives simply by providing education and resources to them.

I learned something new about social media today from my friend Carrie AND I took action on it right away instead of “waiting for a better, more convenient time.”

I have some pictures i’d like to add in, but I hear someone stirring, and I still have to brush my teeth.

I feel like that moment between knowing what I need to do and doing it is shrinking, that hesitation is there less and less often. The space between the ‘a-ha’ and the action.

(Week 18 MKMMA)-Do You Believe In You?

Every Sunday afternoon, our fantastic leaders blast out another amazing 2 hour webinar and mastermind, covering the coming week’s Haanel lesson and concepts. I rarely have the chance to participate live, to be honest, and find myself waiting eagerly for the replay to be posted so I can get cracking on listening to it in 5-30 minute increments. I cue it up, and since it’s via Safari on my iphone, it doesn’t play in the background or while I have any other programs running as primary.  It demands sole attention, which is good I suppose but also kind of a pain, convenience-wise.  I put it on while I am running my son to & from school, in the rare moments of silence while the 2 boys are occupied and playing as I tidy up the kitchen after breakfast or lunch, during naps and at night, and with earbuds, once the boys are in that zone of asleep enough not to be curious but not asleep enough yet to have me vacate the room without having to start routines over again. I get it in bits and pieces and bite sized chunks of information and revelation and a-ha’s.

We’ve also been reading one scroll each month from Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World.   The question was posed to us, “What would make someone the greatest salesman?”  And the answer boiled down to being sold on ourselves. Having enough belief and confidence in ourselves to be 100% all in on our own value, goals, dreams, etc, that no one else’s opinion (really) matters.

(the above two paragraphs were written last week Thursday, 2/8…and now that I am back on my laptop again, (my keyboard case for my ipad stopped functioning again…send good vibes! I aim to finish this post today, 2/12)

We unexpectedly lost an amazing family friend mid-January. He was only 72.  As I sat in the service to honor him and celebrate his life, I was struck by the fact that there was SO MUCH I didn’t know about him.  He lived his life to the fullest. He had a huge grin and ready laugh and sharp wit that was contagious to anyone within 10 feet of him. He served in the military, he gave back to and was involved in community organizations, he was an entrepreneur through and through. His loved his wife and children and grandchildren fiercely, with every bone in his body.  His daughter, a childhood friend of mine who is now an incredible wife, mom, and youth minister in Colorado, performed her father’s service.  It was an incredible message of hope and truth and joy beyond present circumstances.

Tim Mangless, Len, fast track business commitment

(Week 17- MKMMA) Holding Space for your Future Self

Ah, this week. This week has held its own share of victories and challenges. And it has given me glimpses at the bigger picture, the bigger reason, for what I am working for. In the same vein as the Kindness “experiment” from last week, we are working on what has been dubbed the Franklin Makeover…picking a virtue to focus on each week, noticing it, finding ways to contribute to more of it ourselves, etc. I don’t know if there is a proper term for it or not, but this week my focus was on creating space/ holding space. (I love this post explaining more what holding space could mean.)

This included physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. It even encompasses time. My dear friend Naomi L used the term in a FB messenger conversation with me recently, while my whole family was caught in the crazy web of assorted illnesses, “mental margin”. As in, this mama needs some mental margin. Some head space just to sit and be still and have the room to process and get caught up mentally, instead of the running running running stream of consciousness to do list take a number queue that begins when my eyelids go up and ends, momentarily, when my eyelids close.

Sidenote of AWESOMENESS: I am working on my iPad mini, with a Bluetooth keyboard case. Said case had been dropped ever so gently and accidentally by moi some months back, and several keys in the bottom rows including but not limited to space bar, b, m, v, c, n, f, g, h, worked not at all or very intermittently. My laptop is pushing 9 years old, and stores many important things, and i still use it when I need laptop functionality. But it is NOT speedy to say the least. I need my iPad mini for speed and portability for my business. With the keyboard out of commission, my writing access and opportunities had become more limited. I had been holding off, thinking I would need to just buck up and buy a new keyboard case. I just discovered in the past week that a miracle has happened! ALL the keys are working just fine! I don’t know what changed, but I don’t need to know. I am SO GRATEFUL to have the ability to use a keyboard versus just my hunt and peck on my phone to type entire posts or emails, and my 39 year old eyes are especially thankful for the larger screen on the iPad mini for composing a post. Hallelujah and thank you Jesus!

One of our coursework exercises is that every Thursday, we are to visualize having a conversation with a dear friend, but in that conversation, we are to picture ourselves as our future selves, as when our DMP (definite major purpose, definite chief aim) has already been actualized. And we are telling our dear friend about life, and catching up, per se. The idea is to make it as tangible and real as possible, to get super familiar and acquainted with our future self in our mind, so much so that our current self (subconscious) perceives our future self not as a stranger but as a friend, and in doing so, will go to work that much harder to make that a reality.

In doing so, we “hold space” for our current selves, allowing a gap in all that fills our minds and our days to create a pause, as well as holding space for our future selves. A chance for her to show up, fill the room, become a little bit more real every week. Allowing confidence to grow. Allowing the timid and fuzzy “what if” to be replaced with a clarity of heart and mind so sharp its unthinkable that it won’t become reality.

This week I’ve also been intentionally looking to identify what physical belongings I can let go of and taking action to clear that physical space.

There is more I’d like to add- I dislike leaving my thoughts so unfinished, but I hear my youngest waking up. So maybe I’ll leave this as for Friday night…to be continued….

Don’t Dig Up in Doubt What You Planted in Faith (Week 15 MKMMA)

It been a very intense, fast paced, full few weeks at home, with our extra cold weather, and the holidays.

The last 2 weeks of posts, if I’m honest with myself, were less than satisfying to write. It’s what I had the time/energy resources to simply crank out, a last minute summary of how things were going. Highlights from the course I’d been chewing on. Requirement met. But not nearly as fulfilling and enjoyable to write as those posts in previous weeks that have practically written themselves.

It was a lovely break from school, filled with visits with family, baking projects, lazy pajama days, time playing outside when it wasn’t crazy cold, T getting called in to work a “fair amount”, craft projects, days when the 3 littles had major cabin fever, adjusted nap & bedtime schedules, more dishes & laundry than usual, a trip to the local North Pole, fun movies at home, a lot of illness 😦 towards the end, and a couple home improvement projects.

With the days as full as they were, I had to rely heavily on routine & habits established during the first 14 weeks of MKE to carry me through.

I started gaining more clarity around my DMP and PPNs, somewhat through process of elimination, and somewhat through conversations with other people, and finding inspiration from them.

The Flash Cards have been life savers! They are easy and fast to fit in throughout the day in tiny increments of opportunity, yet the continuity in linking they offer is profound.

The areas I fell behind (like the weekly service, for instance) instead of dwelling on that, I let it go and picked up again when I could rather than beating myself up over it or trying to play “catch up” & giving into overwhelm. I had the a-ha that the service I had chosen for 11/19 was too complex and a “bigger bite” than I really should have committed to, so I’m breaking it down into realistic pieces for success! So freeing!!

Also- my dad gifted both D and A really cool magnifying glasses and A a compass! To my knowledge, he isn’t aware the significance that both of those items have to me relating to MKE. When the kids opened their gifts, my jaw dropped. Integrated reminders and connections that I had no active part in!

I also won a drawing for Blue Tansy essential oil on a friend of mine’s Facebook group. I was not familiar with Blue Tansy at all. Reading this page though, I felt a very tangible buzzing sensation course through my entire body! So exciting! My friend even said she prayed before doing each drawing that God would connect the right person with the oil being drawn for.

This course, the people I’ve connected with through it, the mindset shifts happening…have all been life changing and incredible. I can feel the shift on a daily basis. The change in me is changing my relationships as well, for the better. When I find myself slipping and identify old blueprint type reactions happening, it is easier for me to more quickly identify and “re route”.

Has it been easy so far? No

Has it been worth it? Resoundingly YES!

I’m looking forward to 2018 and 40, and all the good that will be happening between now and December!