(Week 16- MKMMA) What you are looking for you will find! An exercise in seeing Kindnesses in every day.

This week, one of our tasks was to notice kindnesses as well as give kindnesses every day. We were also instructed to share those with our “classmates” in a masterminding forum dedicated solely to sharing these acts of kindness. Last I checked, we were well over 4000!! 4000 ways people went out of their way to be kind to those they crossed paths with or ways they received kindness. Giving & receiving, the ebb & flow.

This week, I felt like I was more on the receiving end. I am so grateful for all the kindnesses shown to me and for the kindnesses I observed. Everything from D cleaning up a water spill that C made, cheerfully and quickly without any thought to the fact that it “wasn’t his mess”, to T making us dinner tonight, to the manager at the kids play area we visited on Wednesday being friendly and seeing if we needed anything. I 100% loved reading all the creative ways people chose to be anonymously kind and give a little something extra to complete strangers. The more I intentionally sought to notice and recognize kindness in many forms, the more I saw, and the easier it became as the week went on. I am excited to continue finding ways to show kindness and receive kindness offered in the coming days & weeks.


In the Flow- Part 2! (Week 12 MKMMA)

This week continued to demonstrate to me some amazing examples of the law of giving and receiving.

I am continuing to make progress on decluttering and clearing out items we no longer use or need. One of the things that has slowed my progress in the past is the desire to sell them vs just give them away.

This week I found new homes for a high chair, baby walker, sleep sack, tiny shoes, and a Christmas tree. People that could use those specific items!

We also shared pumpkin pie with a dear friend whose dog passed (D’s idea) and loaned some winter & baby gear to visiting family!

We were given a pair of snow pants and they were hand delivered (filled a need!), a Christmas plate of cookies by a random fellow (regular) customer at Kwik Trip, major assistance juggling purchases and children at said Kwik Trip, and the time freedom to surprise A at school and help her build her gingerbread house 💗. I received customer orders this week for my business. Wisconsin got its first real snowfall this week and I had a chance to play outside with the boys in it. We spent time with Grandma & Papa this week for a fun quick visit. I am celebrating my 39th birthday today, with my family, including lunch out. I’m grateful for another year of life. My best friend of 18 years sent me gerbera daisies …my favorite flower…a birthday surprise… though she’s on the east coast we are still so close in spirit.

I continue to remember that people and places I am giving to will likely not be the same places I am receiving from, and that’s ok! See a need, fill it, and trust that my needs will also be met.

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In the Flow of Giving & Receiving -MKMMA Week 11

(There’s a solid chance I’ll go back and revise this post this weekend by adding on to it, just needed to get something posted Friday night.)

Last week I was reading my index cards with the laws of giving and receiving. This thought hit me- maybe I am not receiving in many ways I could be if I became more intentional and aware and allowed myself to receive.

Many months back- many- I won a giveaway my friend Jess did for an hour long Reiki massage! 😁 And even longer ago, August 2016, I was gifted an hour long massage to my friend Sam’s practice, by my thoughtful and awesome BNI Chapter.

And I hadn’t made myself a priority to receive those wonderful and much-needed gifts!!

I made my appointment with Jess for this past Tuesday. It was SO CATHARTIC and FREEING! Big progress and some shifts and breakthroughs for me, letting go of stuff that does NOT serve me or my family, and making room for the GOOD STUFF that I have been working on linking and connecting and visualizing to have be in our life.

Huge thanks to my folks too, for hosting my two youngest so I could focus solely on being present for myself.

I am breathing more freely and deeper now than I have in a long time.