Week 14- MKMMA – Continuing to create NEW neuropathways

Often it’s so easy, so tempting, to slip back into old patterns without even realizing it. Diligent effort to stick with the NEW way of thinking, responding, and how we speak to OURSELVES and to OTHERS is key in staying on track. The good news is, even when you get off course, the heightened level of awareness allows you to correct and move forward, so long as you don’t get hung up on the mistakes.

It has been a very lovely Christmas break here, overall! And there have been amazing “reminders” everywhere for my subconscious to stay the course. Including that my dad gifted 2 of my children magnifying glasses and a compass! Two items that have been tangible reminders of the course work journey.

How about that!


Big Victories!!

Monday, October 16, 2017 will be a day I remember for the rest of my life.  I was dropping off D at his afternoon blended preschool class when I ran into A’s special education teacher in the hallway.  As D only goes twice a week for 90 minutes, sometimes I run into faculty I know and sometimes I just scoot in & out quickly. 
“Sarah!! I’m so glad I ran into you. I was just about to text you something. A short video of A! It was so awesome, I got goosebumps!”

Curiosity piqued, I waited for her to continue.

“She’s READING!! It’s a picture book, with 6 words on each page. She is doing SUCH a great job! Pointing to each word individually, using the pictures to double check. She’s just doing awesome. I gotta run but I’ll send it over asap.”

I walked out to our dark blue minivan, baby C in tow, headed to my next stop, an oil change and once over for said van.

After I dropped the van & keys, and situated C in his stroller, we started our walk. A beautiful sunny autumn day in Wisconsin dictated we make the most of it and grab some fresh air. As fate would have it, our mechanic is only blocks away from one of my favorite coffee shops. My destination was pretty clear.  Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz, buzz buzz. . “Shave and a haircut, two bits.”  I looked at my phone, on permanent vibrate these days because often someone is sleeping, or could be. 

And this! This was the precious message, heart exploding video I opened up.  (It’s just shy of 3 minutes…her expression at the end is so awesome.) 

“Proud moment!!”


A has always loved books, even as a infant & toddler. She gravitated towards them, studied them, toted them around, pored over them, as if she knew the power of osmosis. 

I didn’t know she could read like that. Now I wonder what other amazing skills she’s developed that I don’t know about. Lol. I am SO EXCITED for her! I read a ton growing up…it was my favorite pastime. The world opens up when you can read.  It is the doorway to an even bigger imagination and adventures.  I always knew she would gain that skill at some point, I just didn’t know it would be now. And I’m thrilled to continue supporting her reading skills and love of books.  We are celebrating big victories over here! πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŽ‰

Digging Deeper – #MKMMA Week 1

I started this blog as a requirement for a personal development course I sort of just leaped into. I have been toying with starting one for a while, but it seemed like more work than I wanted to delve into, every time it crossed my mind. Plus there’s always a learning curve, and I hated the idea of starting something and letting it sort of just sit. And, what the heck would i write about? And when would i find time to do it? And it always seemed just so tricky to me. So here I sit, eating chocolates I had squirreled away, having finally found a few stolen moments, a week behind already on this course, trying to get caught up on watching the weekly webinars, wrap my head around what I am getting myself into, and getting my coursework in, for weeks 1 AND 2. ACK!

I am super excited though, as part of what this course will help me dig deeper into is my #DMP, or Definite Major Purpose. I have always struggled with goal setting, and not getting overwhelmed or not breaking them down enough to make them actually executable. And my focus has typically been on the outcomes, but not on the baby steps to get there.Β  The idea that I can take the time to look into the #WorldWithin and in doing so, improve my life and the lives of the people I love the most, is thrilling and scary to me.Β  I’ve been living in survival mode for so long in so many ways, that I want to slow down and make some time to reflect and be intentional about the next 5+ decades of my life.