In the Flow of Giving & Receiving -MKMMA Week 11

(There’s a solid chance I’ll go back and revise this post this weekend by adding on to it, just needed to get something posted Friday night.)

Last week I was reading my index cards with the laws of giving and receiving. This thought hit me- maybe I am not receiving in many ways I could be if I became more intentional and aware and allowed myself to receive.

Many months back- many- I won a giveaway my friend Jess did for an hour long Reiki massage! 😁 And even longer ago, August 2016, I was gifted an hour long massage to my friend Sam’s practice, by my thoughtful and awesome BNI Chapter.

And I hadn’t made myself a priority to receive those wonderful and much-needed gifts!!

I made my appointment with Jess for this past Tuesday. It was SO CATHARTIC and FREEING! Big progress and some shifts and breakthroughs for me, letting go of stuff that does NOT serve me or my family, and making room for the GOOD STUFF that I have been working on linking and connecting and visualizing to have be in our life.

Huge thanks to my folks too, for hosting my two youngest so I could focus solely on being present for myself.

I am breathing more freely and deeper now than I have in a long time.


Autumn- Allergies & Asthma Relief

As autumn is in full swing here in Wisconsin, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some feedback I received from one of my wellness clients about her son!

The product she references is Isotonix OPC-3, an incredibly powerful anti-oxidant with natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.  Pycnogenol is a key ingredient. (Check out this site for more science-y nerdy goodness!) One of the unique things about this is its efficient delivery system- an isotonic solution.  Fast, super bioavailable, and easy to drink. 

If seasonal allergies, or allergy induced asthma, or headaches & migraines are something you are struggling with currently, take a couple minutes and check out her story!

“My son will be 15 in just a few months, and has been an asthma sufferer for about 8 years now. Thankfully, he doesn’t have “full blown asthma attacks”, as many people do. But we have a “rescue breather” on hand at all times, just in case. He does, however, suffer from a chronic cough that is heightened with any type of physical activity. In addition, he takes a daily inhaler (Advair) 2x per day, and a steroid (Singulair) in a pill form every night. We have 2 strengths of the Advair inhaler (a higher dose inhaler and a lower dose inhaler), and we fluctuate which strength to use, depending on how he’s feeling that day. Asthma is a daily struggle for us – and the meds just don’t always seem to work.  

I’ve known about OPC-3 since before my children were born. My husband and I used to take it, and we really did experience great health benefits from it. Why we stopped taking it, I don’t know. However, about a year ago, I was introduced to Sarah Bodoh, and she re-introduced me to OPC-3. I listened to her speak about the impact it had had on clients of hers that were suffering from asthma, and I decided to try it with my son.  

He now takes it faithfully every morning and we have seen a positive impact from it. We have noticed in the past that he struggles more with his asthma during high allergy seasons – spring and fall – or anytime that the molds and pollen counts are high. The OPC-3 has made a HUGE difference for him during those times. There are days – if the air quality is bad – where I will give him 2 doses of OPC-3, just to be sure. Although it hasn’t “cured” his asthma (I could only wish), taking the OPC-3 hasmade a significant difference for him. In addition, he hasn’t been sickat all during this past year – and that is huge for an asthma sufferer – and I know that is because of the OPC-3. I now have my younger son (he’s 12) taking it as well, just for the health benefits.

As a mom, it’s so hard to see your child struggle and not be able to make it go away. But when Western medicine was failing us, I looked to other more natural resources that would help. I am so thankful that Sarah re-introduced me to the OPC-3. And so is my son.  

     Warmly, TK”

I love this stuff and have used it personally for over 7 years, for headaches, joint pain, allergies/illness, and psoriasis. It certainly does not and can not “cure” anything but it does support the body and helps bring systems back into balance. 

I love that it can be ordered on its own or as part of a  Daily Essentials Kit with 3 other amazing supplement powders that can be mixed as a daily “cocktail”, for less than $1.60/day. 

I love that it’s available in chews…which my son calls “purple candy”! 

It’s go-to addition to my medicine cabinet year round, but especially these days. No side effects, many peripheral benefits, and whole family friendly!

To learn more information and details about this and other Isotonix and DNA Miracles products go here: